Stretching…what is digital art?

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What is digital media? What can it be? What are approaches to digital media…think,…think…think!! Digital media provides a huge , flexible set of tools for the artist or individual to express ideas, images, layouts, designs and to explore the reaches of creativity. Changes and ideas may be quickly tried, saved, or dismissed. Ideas may be built upon each other, examined, taken further with the imagination. The tools themselves become part of the artistic process–discovering how they work, how the sequence of use affects the image, and how to undo what has become cumbersome or uninteresting. Digital art tools allow for an unending array of options….the challenge may become…when to stop, when to save and move on, and how much memory you have to store your work. Just guessing, but I’d say that deadlines may be crucial to “encouraging” me, in particular, to FINISH or at least finally MAKE A DECISION and move on! With traditional visual media, the artist still must know when to stop, but there is often no retrieving that work prior to “going too far.” Using digital media may allow for back-tracking to a satisfactory work that may have been pushed too far? We’ll see….there is much to be learned and revealed.

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