Jenny Holzer, conceptual artist

Jenny Holzer is a conceptual projection artist from Ohio who attended Ohio University and Rhode Island School of Design. She started out focusing on painting and printmaking and then moved to projection text projects in New York City. The main body of her work occurs in public spaces. She started using LED signs and street posters and expanded her medium to include all types of signs, benches, stickers, paintings, photos, and so forth. She uses text written by others including famous authors and words from different sources such as US Army documents or minutes from interrogations of soldiers in Abu Ghraib.

The theme of Holzerā€™s work revolves around social issues such as violence, feminism, war, and sexuality. She wants to open up thoughts and perceptions.

Source of information:

Projections, Jenny Holzer

Text portrait by Jenny Holzer, conceptual artist

My take: Jenny Holzer’s work is innovative and powerful. She is able to make social statements using her art in public places where the impact is the greatest. I applaud her use of her art to increase conciousness and make people stop and think.– instead of “pretty” art, she is creating art with meaning. Perhaps she can make a difference, result in change, by raising people’s awareness…I hope so!

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