Bill Viola

Bill Viola is an artist who does large video installations using sound, film, and electronic music. He uses flat panel screens to project images and create active environments. His works are in museums and galleries and he works for television, concerts, opera and other spaces. He lives and works in Long Beach California.

The still images shown below are powerful and the videos that they represent are dynamic, intersting, and creative. One of my favorites is “Slowly Turning Narrative” where the artist’s image in black and white slowly turns on a large screen (floor to ceiling) . The image is accompanied by the recitation of a list of states of being “the one who…..” in a rhythmic chant. On another screen is a mirror so that the viewer’s own image shows, while on the other side childhood images, accidents, and operations are projected . This must be quite an experience as it fills the room with sights , sounds, and motion.

“He weeps for you” uses a drop of water to create an experience both in sight and sound. This is another one of my favorites as it uses reflection, sound, and natural movement of a drop of water.

Visit the video link: to see his videos in action. While you can get an idea of the work from the internet, I think that seeing it in person, in scale and with the sound effects would be much more powerful and would impact the viewer to a much greater extent.

Five Angel Fire

Five Angels departing, Bill Viola

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