Elizabeth Charlotte Rist

Rist image from video

Elisabeth Charlotte Rist was born in 1962 in Switzerland. Her nickname is “Pippi” after “Pippi Longstocking. She studied in Vienna at the University of Applied Arts and then at the School of Design in Switzerland. She began working with super 8 films producing short videos. She usually alters colors, speed, and sound, focusing on issues of gender, sexuality, and the human form with a simple, and happy approach. Some of her work is monochromatic and out of focus, others are in slow motion. Her works are owned by art collections internationally.

“I’m not the girl who misses much” is a five-minute film with the artist bear-breasted dancing frenetically in front of the camera. Occasionally the film changes with patterns that are interesting and John Lennon’s song “Happiness is a warm gun” plays. The speed of the film varies. My take: is that this particular piece borders on psychotic images, with the energy it emits being frenetic and very intense.

“Pour your body out” displayed at MOMA shows images of the body as landscape and in landscape—enlarged views of the body, some bleeding, close up of feet, nipples, and other body parts. This piece is, to me, the most interesting because of the enormous size of images, the varied motions, and the landscapes.

“Be Nice to Me (flatten 04)”—a woman smears her make-up laden face on a window creating grotesque images. .Sexy Sad 1 is a film of a naked man, except for his tennis shoes, moving, punching, and twirling to the Beatle’s song “Sexy Sadie.” Interesting watching the body-parts fling around.

Aujourd´Hui a woman walks through a grocery store and a house with images , small floating above her head, as if they are her memories or thoughts. Some are hard to make out, but appear to be naked men. “Transposed” is a 2 minute film of a girl underwater with flowers above her, then transitioning into greenery, images of the girl with make-up smeared and dancing.

The film are creative, interesting because of the use of slow motion, altered and layered images, and the focus on body parts, sexuality, and altered-states of consciousness.

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