Jeff Baij

Tile, Hippo

Jeff Frisson

Jeff is a prolific multimedia artist whose work varies from still work to video. Some of his work uses the internet to obtain other’s words and pictures putting them together. Other work shows changing color and pattern or location—these are sometimes hard to decipher. Check this site for video graphic work by Jeff Baij:

CL Still Lifes is a series of ordinary objects in still life (pots, dinnerware)with altered images—often fuzzy and out of focus. It’s a new take on still life photography, adding interest, by changing the viewers focus, literally. This is very creative and unexpected.

Frisson numbered 1-12 is very short clips of music and quite a variety, some with profanity and vulgar language.

My favorite works are the GL Tiles—a set of “digital tiles” that contain a variety of images from abstract fish to tigers that appear to be three dimensional. They are still images that are reminiscent of hand-made pottery tiles, but appear to be formed digitally, perhaps through Photoshop. The images are saturated with color and contain movement and the use of repetition and pattern in an effective way–this work excites and interests me in seeing more!

Very recent posted work named “Proof we live in the Matrix” are interesting short videos that are real videos appearing to be surrealistic alter state clips. I’m not sure if or how they are altered. This is a very popular theme in our culture now and appears in movies and books. In this way, his work is current and reflects relevant thought. The viewer would need to be familiar with this thought/concept in order to fully appreciate these clips.


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