Jon Gitelson

About Jon Gitelson:
Jon Gitelson is a contemporary artist whose work examines everyday objects, people, and social roles. He makes statements and tells stories through imagery taken from real life, using videos, art books, posters, and photography (see images link in side menu). Gitelson is fascinated with the ordinary and presents the viewer with a means of thinking about the every-day reality in a new way.
Gitelson was born in New York City in 1975 and now lives and works in Chicago. He received an M.F.A. from Columbia College in Chicago and teaches in the area. He has an impressive resume of exhibits (see link in side menu).

My take:
As a sociologist, I think Gitelson’s work is fantastic. Through imagery, he encourages the viewer to think of every-day objects, scenes, and social roles and relationships from a new, fresh angle. He awakens the mind to the funny, quirky world we live in, among our fellow human beings and the man-made objects we create. A photo of a car covered with debris and flyers serves as an ecological statement; the pieces displaying photos of people playing the roles described in advertisements below, remind us that we are all actors in a grand social play. I find Gitelson’s work to be refreshing, amusing, and somewhat intriguing.

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