Matt Siber, photographer

Matt Siber, Cheese Floating Logo

Matt Siber, Floating Logos

Matt Siber

Photographer Matt Siber lives and works in Chicago as a photographer and a professor at Columbia College. He has an MFA Photography from Columbia College, 2003 and a BA in History and Geographer from the Unversity of Vermont. His work is in collections at the Art Institute of Chicago, the Museum of Contemporary Photography, Chicago, the Aaron Siskind Foundation Fellows Collection at Princeton University and a variety of other museums and collections.

There is a loosely named “movement” humorously called “Chicagraphy” that alters real photographs to explore “visual pollution and advertising” in a new way. The work shows the Midwestern landscape fill of logos and signs floating above the storefronts and businesses.

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My Take

Matt Siber’s work is dynamic, forcing the viewer to see the skies and landscapes of cities and highways through new eyes. The images disconnect the logos and signs from their buildings, making them float above—they look much better floating than connected to the businesses they represent! The photography takes advertisement and turns it into a new form of art.

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