Stephen Vitiello

Stephen Vitiello is a sound and visual artist who began as a punk guitar player. He collaborates with other artists to produce unique pieces. He is known for being a resident artist at the World Trade Center, having recorded sounds from the 91st floor on home-made microphones. He has installations and shows at a variety of museums and galleries including New York, Los Angles, London and Paris. He is now working as a associate professor at VCU in the Kinetic Imaging department.
Vitiello takes noises from the environment/atmosphere and changes them into “soundscapes” that are unique and interesting. Some of his work is abrasive, and jarring to the ear. Other pieces are tranquil and soothing. The visuals that accompany his work add to the piece, stimulating the mind and eye, while the sounds stimulate the ear. The two aspects thus work together to make the piece a cohesive whole.
“ Bell for every minute” records 59 bells from ships, buildings, churches, and everywhere he could imagine finding a bell. Each minute of the hour there is a different bell sounding. It produces a “chaotic joy” when all of them play on the hour.
His work brings up questions about the difference between a “sound artist” and a “musician” and what makes a work “art.”

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