Moose Jam, CD cover project

Jam Session at the Moscow Idaho Moose Lodge!

The Flip Side

Label for CD with original jam music from the Moose Lodge--various artists from Moscow Idaho

 This CD cover was created with original photographs taken while hunting Moose with a camera.  I didn’t catch a glimpse of the real animal, but found the enormous footprint on the back cover, along with the traditional moose crossing sign used on the front cover.  The idea for this as a CD cover came when my older brother, known as “Big Al” in Idaho told me about playing in jam sessions at the Moose Lodge in Moscow Idaho.  In fact, the CD inside is made up of jam sessions from the Lodge that my brother recorded and shared with me.  I made up the names of the songs to go along with the CD cover and a few odd things with my family.  For instance, “Slow down dad (you’re 96)” came to me after trying to get my father to slow down as he “ran” down the sidewalk after his 96th birthday party last week!    Fun project!

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