Texture Project, Nova Scotia

I took this photograph in Badeck, Nova Scotia on a trip in August 2010. I waited to get the red sailboat to line up with the lighthouse with the red top.

This is my favorite version of Nova Scotia Transformed

The original photo

Nova Scotia Transformed

“Nova Scotia Transformed” is a digital art project taking the original photo and meticulously inserting texture from a variety of scans and photo sources. A great learning project for Adobe Photoshop! My brain hurt working on this and learning some of Photoshop at the same time–but….I learned a lot and think the results are good…quite a difference from the original. Some of the techniques used are color adjustment, magnetic lasso with “paste in”, merging layers, eraser, dodge tool, spot healing, and smudging. Learning about layers was incredibly important for control of the project. What fun!

Change of Sky

Here’s a slightly changed version with a blue sky and lighter trees. There are endless possibilities!

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  1. Nina, I really, really, really loved your texture mapping project!! It has a water color sort of feel to it and I LOVE that!! I think you did an excellent job with the mountains and the sky especially!! :0)

    See you in class, soon!

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